Our Story


Birthed in 2020 during a conversation with her partner, Creative Director and Founder Chloé D. initially wanted to create a brand as an artistic experience centered on dynamic women. Over time, the vision behind DOMI X CHLOÉ evolved into giving more praise and honor to the Black voices who shape the culture.

At its core, this brand is all about amplifying the divine voice and doing something with intention. The term DOMI stems from Chloé’s middle name, Dominique. It’s a play on the root, latin word dominicus, which means “of the Lord” and derived from dominus, which translates to “ruler” or “dominator”. The name connects dual associations of divinity and being able to lead which are true to the words Chloé’s mother spoke over her growing up.

This brand is her personal thank you to her mother, her family and community.